Texas to Form Connected and Automated Vehicle Task Force

Published: January 29, 2019

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State to build momentum as key area for innovation and investment around CAV projects

The Texas Department of Transportation announced recently that it will create a Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) Task Force to advance CAV in the state. The task force is designed to be the primary resource for information and coordination on all ongoing CAV projects, investments, and initiatives in Texas. The Task Force plans on hosting industry forums to facilitate progress in this area and encourage collaboration.

The Department has had an interest in CAV as they have the potential to reduce crashes and improve roadway safety. It also may lead to new opportunities to improve and reimage personal and commercial mobility that could yield numerous benefits. Examples include technology that would provide increased mobility to those in need, such as the elderly or disabled, and easier access to health care or other appointments.

According to the Department, the task force will continue to allow for companies to pursue innovative ideas with CAV technology in a business-friendly manner. For vendors interested in this market, the creation of this task force could be a sign of continued opportunity in Texas as the state continuous to make CAV technologies a priority moving forward.

Source: Texas Department of Transportation