NSWC Corona Industry Day 2019

Published: June 11, 2019

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The Naval Sea Systems Command, Naval Surface Warfare Center Corona Division held their 7th Annual Industry Day in Corona California.  This event was aimed at providing insight into the needs and future of NSWC Corona and as a way for industry to make connections with Government officials through matchmaking sessions.  Captain Richard Braunbeck III and LCDR Robert Liu were the two high level presenters followed by two panels:

  • Department Heads at NSWC Corona
  • Small Business Advocate Groups including SBA, GSA, PTAC, SBDC, Deputy Small Business NSWC Corona

NSWC Corona is the Navy’s only independent analysis center providing the fleet, program managers and acquisition community with the objective assessment needed for the Navy to gauge warfighting capability of ships and aircraft, assess warfare training and analyze new defense systems.  Being the only center in the Navy providing data analytics, NSWC is tasked with a huge undertaking.  CAPT Braunbeck III stated that data analytics is an ever growing and evolving proving to be a necessary need in preparing the warfighter.  It is essential to work with industry to develop tomorrow’s workforce in areas of AI, data, analytics, machine learning, Live Virtual Constructive Training (LVC) and cybersecurity. 

The importance of data analytics was highlighted relating to Live Virtual Constructive Training (LVC).  LVC plays a very important role in a warfighter’s training.  These training simulations are not only cost effective, but allows the warfighter to gain “real-life” training.  Data analytics allows the Navy to incorporate more real life threats into a simulation, giving the warfighter a realistic, full battle picture.

LDRC Liu stated that the use of advanced data analytics will play in a role in the ship maintenance and modernization.  Collecting, analyzing data will assist in getting the ships into the shipyard and updated as quickly as possible.  An example given was the replacement of a turbine in a ship.  Based on historical information and the data analyzed, the turbine could be replaced without ever being ported.  This is Corona’s trajectory, predictive analytics or machine learning.  The Navy has a long way to go before they can get to this point, but it is something they are working towards. 

Panel #1 à Department Heads at NSWC Corona:

  • Acquisition & Readiness
  • Performance Assessment
  • Measurement Science and Engineering
  • Range Systems Engineering
  • Corporate Operations
  • Command Information Technology
  • Contracts

Each department gave a brief description of what they do and provided some past purchases and future needs. 

Panel Highlight: Kimberly Brown, Department Head Contracts Division. 

Ms. Brown stated that she could not stress enough to Contractors doing business with Corona the following:

  • Communicate with your COR
  • Perform within scope of the contract
  • Cost control
  • Following in line with Section C of the PWS
  • Assure security clearances are in place prior to start of contract
  • Having top notch past performance

Panel #2 à Small Business Advocate Groups

  • Small Business Administration
  • General Service Administration
  • Procurement Technical Assistance Center
  • Small Business Development Center
  • March Air Force Base
  • Naval Surface Warfare Center Corona Deputy Small Business

Panel Highlight: Daniel Deconzo, Deputy Small Business Director.

Mr. Deconzo stated that NSWC Corona not only met their FY’2018 SB goals, but exceeded them.  Over $67M dollars of contracts were awarded to small businesses.  Corona will continue to work and award small businesses whenever at all possible. 

There were a few “golden nuggets” that were also provided by Mr. Deconzo.  He provided direct customer feedback to the industry as follows for FY’2019 (so far):

  • Contractors not following the contract requirements
  • Not technically competent
  • Not exhibiting good business decorum
  • Not taking initiative
  • Customer wants your expertise, make sure people on contract are qualified

As the need for data analytics grows, Corona is constantly looking to become more efficient in capturing, analyzing, disseminating, and essentially weaponizing it.  Although Corona does a great job in analyzing data, there is still room for improvement.  As one event attendee mentioned, industry has the solutions to help the government become more efficient, but the Government is reluctant to make this change.  Industry is encouraged to reach out to the government to exchange their ideas.  They need to work together to achieve the end goal of equipping the warfighter with the necessary training to defend our great nation.