Congress moving closer toward cybersecurity aid to state and local governments

Published: October 01, 2019

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Legislation is working its way through Congress that would increase aid to state and local governments for cybersecurity.

The State and Local Government Cybersecurity Act represents one of the most significant federal investments in state and local government IT security. The bill is still pending at this point, although it was recently added to the Senate’s legislative calendar, making it ready for floor action this fall. If passed, it would provide state and local government IT leaders with tools, resources, and expertise to combat the threats of cyberattacks. NASCIO, which typically remains neutral in political matters, endorsed this bill, indicating the significance this legislation holds.

If approved, this legislation would create a new grant program in the Department of Homeland Security to offer direct aid to the state and local governments that cannot afford their own cybersecurity tools or defenses. It also would fund the placement of advanced network intrusion sensors throughout state and local government organizations. It would also authorize the sharing of more classified information with state CIOs and would create more training programs for state and local IT workers.

Especially considering the recent uptick in cyberattacks against state and local governments, it is possible that this legislation may push lawmakers to take action on helping states and localities. Vendors may wish to monitor the status and progress of this legislation over the coming months as it could affect the cybersecurity landscape for state and local governments, potentially influencing procurement as well as these entities look to shore up their cyber defenses.

Source: StateScoop