City Tech Collaborative Launches Advanced Mobility Initiative Roadmap

Published: October 30, 2019

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The multiyear plan will drive technology innovations to advance urban mobility.

Following the launch of the Advanced Mobility Initiative (AMI) in April 2019, City Tech Collaborative has developed a first-of-its-kind roadmap to drive urban mobility innovation in the city of Chicago. The AMI vision is to have a more seamless, connected, accessible, and far-reaching transportation system for all people and goods that move about the city. Adding to a growing portfolio of solutions to make cities work better for their residents, the Advanced Mobility Initiative will create a more seamless and frictionless transportation system with increased accessibility. With the eruption of new urban transportation modes, business models, and technologies, cities’ mobility systems are being disrupted, as there are countless new ways in which people and goods get around urban areas.

This multiyear plan takes a comprehensive, collaborative approach to integrate policy and technology to address these various urban challenges, specifically outlining six impact areas of urban mobility:

  • Multimodal Connectivity: Support seamless consumer mobility across multimodal ecosystems
  • Public Transit Access: Improve efficiency and lower commute times by promoting public transit and high capacity modes
  • Freight: Enable the efficiency delivery of goods to urban areas
  • Smart Infrastructure Management: Enable seamless mobility through connected/data-driven infrastructure
  • Electric Mobility: Meet sustainability goals by advancing private/public electric mobility
  • AV/Drone Adoption: Deploy pilots to improve safety and infrastructure readiness

Following the roadmap in place, City Tech and partners will scope and test solutions based on policy, market, and product trends, along with creating thought leadership pieces on mobility challenges and opportunities. In addition, the initiative notes that a connected physical infrastructure is important for managing the evolving landscape of cities, making supporting digital infrastructure also a necessity. Although the initiative is focusing on Chicago, the group plans will be developing policies with a global perspective, making this initiative applicable and scalable to other cities as well.

Deltek has previously researched similar initiatives around transportation planning and new technologies. There are numerous such plans in place across the country, and in cities around the world, to develop new and innovative ways in which citizens can utilize transportation through technology, and it will likely remain an industry to watch for the coming years as more entities look to improve in this area.

Source: City Tech Collaborative