2019 SLED Government Contracting Forecast

Published: December 06, 2018

SLED Market AnalysisContracting Trends

GovWin + Onvia's 2019 SLED Government Contracting Forecast provides vendors with the most up-to-date forecasts of trends in the number of competitive opportunities in 12 major market segments as well as contracting insights.

This forecast provides individual outlooks for each of our 12 primary markets (Architecture & Engineering, Financial Services & Insurance, Public Safety, Construction, Healthcare, Technology & Telecom, Educational, Operations & Maintenance, Transportation, Environmental Services, Professional Business Services and Water & Energy).

In addition, the report provides summary profiles of each market along with trends and contracting insights to help companies plan for the coming year and sell more government business.

Readers of this report will learn:

  • Where bids and RFPs are headed over the next two years in the overall state, local, and education (SLED) marketplace
  • How each of our 12 market segments will perform in bid volume during this timeframe
  • What are some of the major trends, issues or drivers affecting each market
  • How economic and contracting trends are affecting the SLED marketplace

Table of Contents:

  • Executive Summary (p. 03)
  • Introduction and Research Methods (p. 04)
  • Overall SLED Forecast (p. 07)
  • Individual Market Forecasts (p. 11)
  • Architecture & Engineering (p. 12)
  • Construction (p. 14)
  • Educational Services (p. 16)
  • Environmental Services (p. 18)
  • Financial Services & Insurance (p. 20)
  • Operations & Maintenance (p. 24)
  • Professional Business Services (p. 26)
  • Public Safety (p. 28)
  • Technology & Telecom (p. 30)
  • Transportation (p. 32)
  • Water & Energy (p. 34)
  • Summary of the 12 Markets (p. 36)