ITSS III Agriculture Farm Services Agency

Published: November 23, 2005


All eleven incumbent vendors' labor rates are analyzed for this report. These vendors include CSC, EDS, IBM, Lockheed Martin (OAO), National Systems & Research, N-Link Corporation, Northrop Grumman (PRC), Northrop Grumman (TRW), Rose International, SAIC, Unisys. Labor rates from eleven unique locations is included as well.

Analyzing Federal Labor Pricing information under ITSS 2 for all 11 vendors across 14 distinct labor categories at 11 separate performance locations, a Comparative Rate Analysis has been created for the upcoming ITSS 3 opportunity - a top 20 opportunity of 2006. The Comparative Rate Analysis serves as the main resource for the production of a White Paper titled, 'ITSS2 Yields Valuable Insight Into Pricing ITSS3' .