TIPSS-4 Labor Rate Analysis

Published: March 05, 2010


TIPSS-3 incumbent pricing for Accenture, EDS, IBM and Lockheed Martin have been added to this analysis.

This analysis is based on the Top 14 vendors' labor rates for awarded contracts based on labor category descriptions in the pre-RFP documents for the Treasury Total Information Processing Support Services (TIPSS-4) program. The analysis provides insight to the 14 vendors from TIPSS-3 awards (21 contract awards) who have been obligated with 95% of the funding through the end of fiscal year 2008.

In order to assist with TIPSS-4 competition, the TIPSS-4 Labor Rate Analysis includes:

  • Pivot charts of specific historical rates for each of the 38 labor categories
  • Analysis of almost 1.2 billion of TIPSS-3 Task Order Spending Data
  • Pivot tables that can be manipulated by the user to compare vendors and labor titles as additional labor category requirements are released