GCSS-AF Labor Rate Analysis

Published: March 16, 2009


Labor Rate Analysis completed for 67 labor categories defined on the Air Force's Global Combat Support System (GCSS-AF) Draft RFP documents. Minimum, Mean and Maximum labor rates are derived from INPUT's Federal Labor Pricing Solution using the experience and education levels described in the Draft RFP.

The GCSS-AF Labor Rate Analysis will help contractors target the competitive range for each labor category listed in the Draft RFP documents for this $773 million opportunity. Minimum, Mean, and Maximum labor rates are detailed from 2008-2012 for Government and Contractor sites. Additional labor rates for prior years are included with most of the labor categories as well. The labor rate analysis includes:
  • Minimum, average and maximum rates for each of the labor categories;
  • Government site and Contractor site rate breakdown;
  • Labor rates escalation analysis for proposed contract dates (FY2009 – FY2012);
  • Specific historical labor rates effective prior to 2008 for most of the categories.