Federal Big Data Market, 2023-2027

Published: October 27, 2023

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Deltek’s Federal Big Data Market, 2023-2027 report analyzes the budget, policy, technology, and research and development environments influencing federal purchase of big data products and services.

The push for evidence-based decision-making at the federal level is driving increased investments in data aggregation, analysis, dissemination and sharing across agencies. Data strategies and mandated submissions of learning agendas, annual evaluations and capacity assessments prompt strengthened data management practices and infrastructure at agencies. Data as a priority goes beyond mission support to critical elements of the Biden Administration's management agenda, such as equity and customer experience, which drive demand for additional metrics, assessments and dashboards to evaluate programs and identify areas of improvements.

The push for Internet of Things, 5G, edge computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning drives investments in big data solutions that provide the foundation enabling these emerging technologies.  However, a lack of data-driven culture, data silos and incompatibility among systems stand to hinder data enablement in innovation, impacting agency investments in the short-term to address these challenges.

Deltek forecasts federal spending on big data products and services will increase from $8.0B in FY 2023, to $11.2B in FY 2027, an increase of 40% in the next five years.

Key Findings

  • Biden Administration Priorities: The Biden Administration is taking an evidence-based approach, underscored by the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2018, influencing recent data strategies, submissions of evidence-based approaches, and open data practices occurring throughout the federal government.
  • Federal Big Data Priorities: Top priorities among federal agencies include enhanced data governance and stewardship to operational, secure and share multi-sourced factors of data.
  • Challenges to Big Data Progress: Agency progress is hampered by the lack of a data-driven culture and training, contention surrounding data ownership, and lack of system interoperability.
  • Technology Drivers: Investment in big data solutions provide the foundation for emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced computing, 5G, and the Internet of Things.

Critical Insight for Vendors

Deltek’s Federal Big Data Market, 2023-2027 report provides strategic insight to the trends and drivers influencing federal big data procurement.

The report will help federal IT contractors:

  • Understand the trends driving federal big data investments.
  • Identify the policy and legislation helping shape agency data strategies and methodologies for federal data centricity.
  • Analyze historical contract spending patterns in big data goods and services.
  • Assess the overall market size and forecast for big data within agencies.
  • Observe big data priorities and investments by agency.
  • Obtain actionable intelligence for strategic planning and business development in the federal big data market.

Deltek's Federal Big Data Market, 2023-2027 report is delivered in PowerPoint® format, including a PowerPoint® Executive Briefing, and an Excel® data workbook.



  • Introduction
  • Market Drivers
  • Historical Contract Spending
  • Market Forecast and Opportunities
  • Agency Analysis
  • Conclusions and Recommendations
  • Appendix