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Government Aircraft Rental Services Contracts to Bid

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GovWin IQ tracked 13 contracts for aircraft rental services that came up for bid by government agencies throughout the United States in a one year period. Click on any location or agency below to see a sample of the kinds of contracts that you could be bidding on today!

Sample Aircraft Rental Services Contracts to Bid

Government Agency Type Description Location Contact
MISSOURI » ST JOSEPH, CITY OF (BUCHANAN) BID RFP2020-32 C-1 Aircraft Hangar Lease Buchanan County (MO) Request a Demo
JUSTICE » FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION FBO Ultra Long range Aircraft Lease Redstone Arsenal (AL) Request a Demo
COMMERCE » NATIONAL OCEANIC AND ATMOSPHERIC ADMINISTRATION FBO Superseding Lease Award for NOAA Aircraft Operations Center (AOC) Lakeland (FL) Request a Demo
TEXAS » TEXAS STATE TECHNICAL COLLEGE WACO BID Waco Aircraft Lease –Aircraft Pilot Training Program Bellmead (TX) Request a Demo
AGRICULTURE » FOREST SERVICE FBO National Aerial Supervision Module (ASM) Dry Lease Aircraft Ada County (ID) Request a Demo
COMMERCE » NATIONAL OCEANIC AND ATMOSPHERIC ADMINISTRATION FBO NOAA Seeks to Enter into a Superseding Lease for Aircraft Hangar Space in Lakeland, FL Lakeland (FL) Request a Demo
NEW JERSEY » ESSEX, COUNTY OF BID Mosquito Surveillance and Control Aircraft Rental Services Essex County (NJ) Request a Demo
ALABAMA » AUBURN UNIVERSITY BID AVGas Refueler - Airport Auburn (AL) Request a Demo
ARIZONA » SPRINGERVILLE, TOWN OF (APACHE) BID Parties interested in leasing land to develop private aircraft hangars Apache County (AZ) Request a Demo
TEXAS » ADDISON, TOWN OF (DALLAS) BID Lease Conventional Aircraft Hangar(s) with Office/Shop Space Addison (TX) Request a Demo
JUSTICE » FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION FBO Ultra-Long Range Aircraft Lease Redstone Arsenal (AL) Request a Demo
RHODE ISLAND » RHODE ISLAND STATE DEPARTMENTS » AIRPORT CORPORATION, RHODE ISLAND BID Short Term Lease of One Aircraft Rescue Firefighting ARFF Vehicle Kent County (RI) Request a Demo
ARMY » ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS FBO The Government is requesting an offer to lease approximately 5 acresof aircraft parking space, runway space capable of accomodating a C5, appx. 6,000 SF of office space, and appx. 12,000 SF of hangar space in the El Paso, TX area Fort Worth (TX) Request a Demo

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