NDIA Seaport NxG Industry Day/SPAWAR HQ & NIWC PAC Contract Update

Published: March 21, 2019

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The National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA), held a Seaport NxG/SPAWAR HQ and NIWC PAC Contract Strategy Update industry day on March 20, 2019 in San Diego, CA.  The industry day was held to inform industry on the current status of Seaport NxG and how SPAWAR HQ/NIWC PAC will be utilizing this vehicle. 

Panel of Presenters:

  • Pat Sullivan, SPAWAR Executive Director
  • Susan Tomaiko, Seaport NxG Program Manager
  • Nancy Gunderson, SPAWAR HQ’s Director of Contracts
  • Sharon Rustemier was scheduled to present along-side Susan Tomaiko, but was unable to attend this event 

SPAWAR has been using the Seaport contract vehicle for years, which has proven to be incredibly beneficial to SPAWAR’s success.  SEAPORT has allowed SPAWAR to streamline their service based contracts, in a way that allows them to adapt, innovate and implement the best technology before their adversaries.  Pat Sullivan anticipates SPAWAR to continue to maximize the utilization of Seaport NxG in the future for service based contracts.

With the rules of NMCARS changing, SPAWAR, like all Navy agencies, will have to consider using NxG for their service based contracts, assuming the work falls under the functional categories.  If SPAWAR decides that they want to procure these services outside the NxG vehicle, a waiver will have to be filled out explaining why the contracting office wants to go outside the vehicle.  Industry can expect more work being released under NxG as a result of NMCARS.  SPAWAR will certainly continue to utilize their in-house IDIQs, but will be evaluating each one.  If there are certain IDIQs that are being underutilized and the work can be performed under NxG, there is a high probability that the work will go under NxG. 

The procurement process for NxG, was kept on schedule and awarded on time to 1,153 small businesses and 320 large businesses, Susan Tomakio stated.  The past performance requirement of direct Navy experience, either as a prime contractor sub-contractor seemed to work in terms of cutting down the numbers of respondents.  Although there will not be a yearly rolling admissions period, there will be on-ramping period in 2 years.  Awards for the on-ramping period are expected to be made in the March 2021 timeframe.  The NxG procurement portal is live now and industry can expect periodic software upgrades as well as FAQ posted in the future.  Vendors are also encouraged to submit feedback through the help desk portal of the NxG site. 

Additional Intel, related to NxG, included the company recertification process.  Recertification of size standard will be done at the MAC level.  If a small business graduates to a large during the 5 year base period, they are able to bid as a small business.  At the end of the 5 year base, the contractor will have to recertify as a large business. In addition, companies need to be sure their accounting system is approved.  A SF 1408 checklist needs be completed and an audit will be done before a contractor can bid and win a task order. 

SPAWAR will continue to utilize Seaport-e, and has already shifted task orders over to the NxG vehicle.  SPAWAR HQ spending is up about $80M compared to this time last year under Seaport-e, due to the Navy having funds appropriated and not under a continuing resolution.  Total overall spending is anticipated to hit about $5.2B.  Both HQ and NIWC highlighted procurements related only to Seaport.  These opportunities are either out on the street now, will be out or under evaluation.  Procurement strategies vary across the board from large businesses, SB, 8A and SDVOSB.  Nancy Gunderson anticipates more task orders to be released via NxG to both business categories.